Through the dreams of a child, Mattie Fitch, innocent and loving, is able to make an impact on even the coldest of hearts and those feeling lost and alone.


The Book

In The Dreams of Mattie Fitch, a young girl from 1929 named Mattie journeys to the San Francisco Bay Area of the present. There she meets three troubled teenagers; DJ, Stephanie and Christopher. Through Mattie’s innate wisdom, love, and ability to appear in whatever form is needed to connect, a transformation happens in their lives. They transform separately and collectively, bringing life back to dreams they once considered dead.

This book will give you hope that, if you are willing to believe that anything is possible, you can accomplish anything, no matter your age. As Mattie always says, “Your dreams are your reality asleep, wake them up!”™

The Author

The Dreams of Mattie Fitch, written by Bay Area Author B. D. Mashack, a counselor by profession, has taken helping others to an entirely new dimension thru the dreams of a child.

B.D. Mashack created an emotional bond with Mattie Fitch through her deep need to wake up her own dreams that had fallen asleep. This connection between author and character is strong and unbreakable, and together their stories journey to distant places to give hope and healing to the lives of the broken hearted.

The author wants to give you, the reader, an opportunity to take a deep, introspective look at any pain or sadness, disappointments or abuse, you have suffered that has caused your dreams to wither and die. The Dreams of Mattie Fitch will spark you to re-evaluate those dreams and give them life again through the love of a character, and the life of an author.
The author agrees with Mattie when she says, “Your dreams are your reality asleep, wake them up!”™